Scientifica SliceScope Pro 1000 Electrophysiology Rig
Scientifica SliceScope Pro 1000
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Integrated electrophysiology system for patch clamp recordings
Integrated electrophysiology system for patch clamp recordings

Scientifica SliceScope Pro 1000

The most popular tissue slice patch clamp electrophysiology system

The SliceScope Pro 1000 is an integrated electrophysiology system for patch clamp recording. The versatility of the system means that you can perform slice electrophysiology, fluorescent imaging, and in vivo experiments.

This package consists of the SliceScope microscope, motorised XY-translation stage, two PatchStar manipulators, adjustable Post & Platform mounting systems, and a recording chamber.



Record even the smallest electrophysiological signals

The ultra-low noise electronics ensure a high signal-to-noise ratio, meaning you can record tiny signals and acquire the highest data quality every time.

Acquire data from long-term experiments

The incredible stability of the integrated PatchStar Micromanipulators and the sample stage means that you can make long-term recordings from delicate cells and dendrites, enabling full signal acquisition, saving time, and ensuring high-quality data.

Enjoy total control of your rig

The fully integrated PatchStar manipulator, microscope, and sample stage, allow you to smoothly position your electrodes, focus your microscope and align your sample using simple and intuitive remote controls. Since it is so easy to use, even inexperienced users can reliably and confidently acquire data.

Achieve the perfect rig setup for your desired experiment

The SliceScope Pro system’s extreme versatility enables you to position all the components to suit your needs. You have complete freedom to align your manipulators to the perfect angle for patching, position your sample for best access, and set up your rig to meet your experimental needs.

Compact design

The slimline SliceScope and ergonomically designed manipulators and stage create a compact system, providing you with the space you need to add any further equipment to support your unique experimental requirements. Your lab space is also maximised, since the system is mountable on most small lab tables.

Ultimate freedom of manipulator and sample positioning

The ultra-stable manipulator and sample mounting platforms are so versatile that you can mount them anywhere on your rig. The platforms being so compact makes the SliceScopePro 1000 the most popular choice when complete freedom of configuration is required. The swing-in / swing-out function enables you to change sample and pipettes in any way that suits you.

Record from multiple sites of interest

You can confidently search your sample and exchange pipettes during recordings, due to the stability of the sample and manipulators, and smooth movement of the microscope.

A rig for life - Grow your rig with your experiments

The innovative, modular design of the SliceScope Pro enables you to develop and adapt your rig to suit your experimental requirements as they change. If you wish to use IR DIC, fluorescence illumination, optogenetics stimulation or multiphoton imaging, the SliceScope Pro is designed to be able to grow with your research. This saves you precious money and time.

Total customisation and control through software settings

The LinLab 2 software allows you to customise numerous configurations; control speed of movement, select wheel direction, and set memory positions. The easy to use “Follow” function allows you to move the pipettes and sample simultaneously, making cell hunting and patching even easier. To support your complete freedom, you can also choose to control the SliceScope Pro system with your own programming.

Choose your preferred controller to acquire data

Control your rig with a Control Cube or PatchPad - whichever suits you. Both options enable you to control all aspects of your rig, including speed control, memory positions, and home-in and home-out for rapid pipette exchange.

Scientifica PatchPad Display

Advanced Control Options

Control the focus, condenser, translation stage and micromanipulators using our remote control options. Alternatively use our LinLab software, developed specifically to control all of our motorised components and heating and perfusion elements.

Position co-ordinates can be viewed, stored, exported and recalled in LinLab, or users can couple the system with our PatchPad Display Controller, so X, Y and Z co-ordinates can be viewed in real time right by the sample. An ideal set up for customers doing auditory research who any one who wishes to avoid using a workstation near to their sample.


"The SliceScope has all the best optical qualities of a top-flight microscope, pared down to-the absolute essentials needed for patch-clamp electrophysiology, and then rebuilt with many highly useful features."

Professor Dimitri Kullmann
Institute of Neurology, UCL

"Scientifica's SliceScope Pro 1000 is the Porsche of electrophysiology systems."

Dr. Aikeremu Ahemaiti In Dr. Malin Lagerstorm's Lab
University of Uppsala, Sweden


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我们一系列的模块化零件和配件使我们能够量身打造适合您研究的Patchstar。 随着您实验的发展,您也可以在您的实验室无缝量身定制您自己的Patchstar。



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