Scientifica XY Stage is a versatile manual translation stage for mounting a wide range of microscope
Scientifica XY Stage
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Scientifica XY Stage
Scientifica XY Stage

Scientifica XY Stage

Versatile manual translation stage for mounting a wide range of microscope

The Scientifica XY Stage is a manual large and robust translation stage that offers 50 mm of travel in both the X and Y axes, providing fine resolution and super smooth motion for comprehensive exploration of even the largest samples.

Compatible with various microscope models, it seamlessly integrates into your existing setup for convenient and efficient use. It is suitable for both electrophysiology and multiphoton imaging set ups.



Explore your entire sample with ample travel range

With 50mm travel in both the X and Y axes, this manual stage ensures you have ample space to visualise your entire sample.

Easy integration with your microscope setup

The translation stage is compatible with major upright and some inverted microscope manufacturers such as Nikon, Olympus, Leica, and Zeiss. This enables quick and easy set up saving you valuable time and effort.

Versatile control with high-quality micrometers

The XY Stage is equipped with high-quality smooth micrometers, allowing for easier searching of the field of view. These micrometers can be conveniently adjusted for left or right-handed users, providing versatile control tailored to your preference.

Smooth cell exploration with patched cell retention

The translation stage ensures optimal stability and smooth motion, even with the heaviest microscope, thanks to its high-quality bearings and micrometer controls. With this level of performance, you can confidently explore your sample while keeping your patched cells intact.

Stability for long-term patch clamp experiments

The XY stage is designed to provide exceptional stability when the microscope is in the desired position, making it ideal for long-term patch clamp electrophysiology experiments.

Protection against spills with waterproof skirt

Equipped with a "waterproof skirt," this feature helps keeps your experiments running.



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