Scientifica adjustable height Post & Platform





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Scientifica Post & Platform

A stable mounting platform for micromanipulators or other equipment.

Ideal for electrophysiology and imaging studies with many inverted or upright microscopes.


Height adjustable

Set the platform at the perfect height for your microscope and ensure this height is retained thanks to a fixed collar.

Ultra-stable platform

The stiff steel and aluminium construction ensures stability allowing for long-term electrophysiology and imaging recordings.

Versatile positioning

Available with a powerful magnetic base or a screw down base enabling you to easily fit it to your antivibration table.

Simple mounting

Easily mount manipulators like the PatchStar to the top plate with sliding carriages for exact positioning.

Swing in – swing out platform

Move your manipulator away from the microscope to provide easy access to the sample area. Then quickly reposition the platform in exactly the same place with the integrated, repeatable stop.


Download the Post & Platform brochure for more information.

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