Scientifica Universal Motorised Stage (UMS)
Scientifica Universal Motorised Stage (UMS)
The Scientifica Universal Motorised Stage integrates with a wide range of upright and inverted microscopes

Scientifica Universal Motorised Stage (UMS)

Investigate multiple areas of interest as you smoothly move your microscope around your sample

Experience a smooth and ultra-low-noise motorised translation stage designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of upright and inverted microscopes. Ideal for both electrophysiology and imaging experiments, this versatile stage offers 50 mm of travel in both the X and Y axes with super fine resolution. With such generous travel, even the largest samples can be thoroughly explored.

The UMS is compatible with various microscope models, enabling hassle-free integration into your existing setup.



View your entire sample

Featuring 50mm travel in both the X and Y axes, this motorised stage ensures that you will never run out of travel range. With ample room to manoeuvre, you can easily visualise your entire sample.

Easily revisit cells of interest

Through handset control, or the linlab software you can access saved positions. Ideal for multiple patch clamping and locating optimal recording cells, this feature streamlines workflow and maximises efficiency.

Tailor the stage to your requirements

Achieve the utmost precision and control by personalising the speed and acceleration settings using the LinLab software (between 1um/sec and 4mm per sec).

Integrate with your microscope setup

The UMS is compatible with many upright microscope manufacturers including Nikon, Olympus, Leica, and Zeiss. This compatibility saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to quickly incorporate the UMS into your current setup.

Smoothy search for new cells while retaining patched cells

Experience optimal stability and smooth motion due to the high-quality bearings and design, allowing you to explore your sample while keeping your patched cells intact

Safeguarded against spills

Equipped with a "waterproof skirt," this feature acts as a protective barrier, effectively preventing solutions from reaching the electronics, protecting your equipment, and keeping your experiments running.

Enjoy remote control for enhanced convenience

Motorised remote control allows you to move the stage precisely and confidently, eliminating the need for physical contact with the microscope. This remote control prevents unwanted “bumps” and enables your microscope to be mounted in an enclosure away from the researcher.

Capture even the smallest of electrophysiological signals

The ultra-low noise electronics ensure you can record small signals (including single channel recording) and acquire the highest data quality every time. Making the UMS perfect for your patch clamp electrophysiology experiments.

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LinLab is a versatile control software designed to give you advanced control over your motorised Scientifica device

Control options

Whether you prefer the Control Cube, PatchPad, or Software, choose the control option that best aligns with your needs. All control options are customisable and can be seamlessly integrated with other Scientifica products, optimising cost-efficiency and saving valuable lab space.

With LinLab software, you can effortlessly view, store, and recall position coordinates, as well as tailor the user interface to your specific preferences. Enjoy the flexibility to control the UMS in a way that suits your workflow and experiment requirements.



您专属的 Scientifica 专家可以通过实验室咨询来免费帮助您优化您的实验室。






我们一系列的模块化零件和配件使我们能够量身打造适合您研究的Patchstar。 随着您实验的发展,您也可以在您的实验室无缝量身定制您自己的Patchstar。



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