Scientifica Motorised Movable Sample Plate (MMSP)

Scientifica Motorised Movable Sample Plate (MMSP)

A stable mounting platform for experimental samples, especially suited to electrophysiology and imaging research.

Up to 20 mm of super-smooth motorised movement in X and Y axes to easily align the preparation in your microscope's field of view, especially when your microscope is fixed.


Versatile positioning

Available with a powerful magnetic base or a screw down base enabling you to easily fit it to your antivibration table.

Ultra-stable platform

The stiff steel and aluminium construction ensures stability allowing for long-term electrophysiology and imaging recordings.

In vivo platform option

Exchange the sample plate holder for a long or short platform designed for in vivo experiments with tapped holes for related equipment.

Swing in – swing out platform

Quickly move your sample away from the microscope for easy access to the sample are

Control options

Operate the motorised movable sample plate via our ergonomically designed control options or through the specially designed LinLab software.

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