Scientifica Slice Recording Chamber kit





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Scientifica Slice Recording Chamber kit

The Slice Recording Chamber (SRC) kit is designed for more effective placement of inlet and outlet perfusion cannulae, reference electrodes and other small devices around slice recording baths.

Offering more stability and simplicity than traditional equipment requiring adhesives, the kit will save valuable laboratory time configuring studies in the confined space around recording chambers.

Scientifica Slice Recording Chamber kit

Slice Recording chamber

Plastic recording chamber with very low walls for easy pipette positioning. The bottom of the chamber uses coverslip glass (included) for best optical performance. The coverglass can be easily exchanged and replaced using silicon adhesive (included) The Slice Recording Chamber slots into the Magnetic Bath Adapter ring and fixes in place with small magnets.

Magnetic Bath adapter ring

Magnetic Bath Adapter ring holds the Scientifica Slice Recording Chamber and is steel coated to allow magnets to be easily attached to the surface. Magnetic tools such as the Scientifica Bath Perfusion Tool are perfectly suited for this. The outer diameter of 110mm fits all Scientifica equipment and also suits many microscope stages.

Bath perfusion tool

Ideal for perfusion inlet and outlet tubes as well as reference electrodes or other small devices. This stainless steel magnetic perfusion tool is a perfect fit for the confined space around the recording chamber. More details are available on the Bath Perfusion Tool page.

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