Scientifica Temperature Controller
Scientifica Temperature Controller
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Scientifica Perfusion Temperature Controller
Scientifica Perfusion Temperature Controller

Scientifica Temperature Controller

Ensure reliable perfusion temperature for your sample

Record the highest quality data and maintain sample health by accurately controlling the perfusion environment. The ultra-low noise and reliable temperature stability means that this system is perfect for electrophysiology recordings.



Ensure a stable temperature environment for your sample

The fast feedback system and control electronics means that you can maintain an accurate (+/- 0.1°C), stable temperature of your perfusion for the duration of your experiment, ensuring you can record high quality data.

Achieve accurate data through physiological temperatures

You can achieve a range of temperatures from room temperature to 37°C at 6ml/min, enabling you to control your sample’s environment to suit your experiment.

Conveniently position the cannular around your experiment

With a compact design and a variety of mounting methods, you can position the heater anywhere that suits your experimental setup, giving you true flexibility.

Record even the smallest signals

The ultra-low noise electronics means that you can run your solution heater and still record even the smallest electrophysiological signals.

Ensure data integrity through recorded actual temperature

Scientifica’s LinLab software tracks and records the bath and heater temperature, providing you with a record of achieved temperatures.

Easy to maintain

The design and materials used ensures the cannular can be easily maintained to function perfectly every time.

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