Scientifica IVM Single Motorised Micromanipulator
Scientifica IVM Single
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Electrophysiology manipulator
Electrophysiology manipulator
Electrophysiology manipulator

Scientifica IVM Single

Ensure maximum tissue health when reliably positioning electrophysiological and microinjection probes in your sample.

This super-smooth, stereotaxic motorised manipulator enables you to precisely position your pipettes and probes. Designed for multielectrode recording (such as Neuropixels probes) in vivo patch clamp electrophysiology, and microinjection. The IVM Single enables you to carry out long, reliable experiments.

The IVM Single is compatible with all common stereotaxic frames making it simple to add to existing set-ups where you require healthy samples and greater control.



Maximises tissue health

Smooth probe insertion into the brain. Using the unique 'creeper' function to precisely control the movement of the manipulator, your probe can 'creep' to the desired position at a speed of your choice. This minimises tissue damage, reduces gliosis and increases the signal quality and data you receive from neurons.

Investigate deep within your sample

The long 70mm range of travel means you have ultimate freedom to position anywhere within your sample.

Maximise sample comfort and attention

The extremely low audible noise of the IVM Single, when in motion or at rest, means your sensitive sample will not be disturbed by audible sounds.

Compatible with all stereotaxic frames

The IVM Single is compatible with whichever stereotaxic frame you choose, giving you flexibility with your choice of experimental setup.

Great resolution

The IVM has 20 nm resolution for absolute positioning. View the exact position of your probe using dedicated software.

Gently position probes to ensure maximal tissue health

The unique “Creeper” function enables you to automatically position your probe - set the position and the speed of movement and let the manipulator do the work.

Confidently record from the exact area of interest

Utilise the positional readout, using the software, to position your probe exactly where you want it to be within the tissue.

Acquire reliable data for the full duration of your experiments

The high stability of the design ensures you can maintain position in the brain or other tissue for reliable, long-term experiments.

Record even the smallest electrophysiological signals

The low-noise electronics and grounding allows smaller signals to be detected and provides cleaner data.

Focus on your sample’s welfare

The hands-free movement and motorised control allows you to concentrate on the welfare of your sample during probe positioning.

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LinLab is a versatile control software designed to give you advanced control over your motorised Scientifica device.

Advanced control options

Operate the IVM Single using our ergonomically designed configurable control options or through our specially designed and customisable LinLab software.

The creeper function in LinLab allows the movement of the manipulator to be programmed over a set distance at a pre-defined speed. This allows for smooth motion to the correct area of interest.

Alternatively, the step function can be used for faster, yet measured step movement to insert the electrode into the cell.

Position co-ordinates can be viewed, stored, exported and recalled in LinLab, so X, Y and Z co-ordinates can be viewed in real time right by the sample. An ideal set up for customers doing auditory research who wish to avoid using a workstation near to their sample.


Download the IVM Single brochure for more information.



您专属的 Scientifica 专家可以通过实验室咨询来免费帮助您优化您的实验室。



Scientifica 提供产品演示,让您提出问题,学习并了解多光子显微镜系统及其应用,并亲自体验.



我们一系列的模块化零件和配件使我们能够量身打造适合您研究的Patchstar。 随着您实验的发展,您也可以在您的实验室无缝量身定制您自己的Patchstar。



Scientifica 为所有 Scientifica 制成的商品提供两年保修,为第三方供应的商品提供一年保修。 让您在购买 Scientifica 设备时高枕无忧。


Ensure maximum tissue health when reliably positioning electrophysiological and microinjection probes in your sample.


In vivo electrophysiology

- Field recordings

- Whole cell recordings

- Stimulation

In vivo microinjection

- Viral injection

- Fluorophore injection


- Neural implants

- Optical fibres

- Cannulae

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