Scientifica LinLab 2 Electrophysiology Software
Scientifica LinLab 2
Scientifica LinLab Electrophysiology Software

Scientifica LinLab 2

Achieve total control of your Scientifica equipment through LinLab software

Enhance your data collection, productivity, and user experience through Scientifica LinLab software. LinLab software is included with every Scientifica motorised system and enables you to configure your devices to suit you, and your experiment.

LinLab not only enhances control but also enables you to maximise your workstation space by efficiently managing multiple Scientifica equipment.



Streamlined control for efficient patching

Experience the unique 'Follow' function, linking up to 12 motorised products together for enhanced efficiency and precision.

Accurately target the desired brain region for recording

LinLab software enables you to visualise positional information, complete with precise coordinates and measurements, particularly important in vivo recordings.

Return to points of interest

Set and label an unlimited number of memory positions, then return to them with a simple click of a mouse, ensuring smooth navigation back to your areas of interest.

Set your own speeds

Tailor the speed and acceleration settings to match your specific application and sample requirements for maximum flexibility and control.

Customise the interface to match your preferences

LinLab makes it simple to tailor the user interface to your specific needs.

Enhanced precision and clarity in experimental conditions

Clear visibility into time and temperature data for your bath and heater with the user-friendly, easy-to-read graph.

Make precise “steps” in customisable sizes

Puncture a cell, or pull a patch, using the customisable, and repeatable, step function.

Rapid pipette exchange

The 'In/Home Out' function guarantees swift removal and replacement of your probe, taking just seconds. It's designed to accommodate variations in probe length, ensuring hassle-free and efficient pipette exchange.

Programmable precision

With the 'Go To' function, you have the flexibility to input your desired coordinates and initiate movement by simply pressing 'MOVE.' The unit will navigate to the specified point within its travel range, offering precise and programmable control.

Maximises tissue health

Using the unique 'snail' function to precisely control the movement of the manipulator. This enables smooth probe insertion into the brain.

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LinLab Follow Function

Increase productivity with the LinLab "Follow Function" - Video demonstration

The video demonstrates how you can easily enable the Follow Function, synchronising all of your Scientifica motorised products together, and allowing you to store an unlimited number of memory points.

System compatibility

LinLab 2 is designed to support systems with 1U control racks and USB communication with the control computer. For systems with 4U control racks and/or RS232 communication with the control computer, LinLab 1.6.78 represents the final release, ensuring compatibility with older configurations.

Download LinLab 3

LinLab 3 Setup

If you're operating on a Motion 8 or 2 rack, LinLab 3 is the latest software for controlling your Scientifica motorised devices. LinLab 3 is the only version compatible with Motion 8 racks.

Please note that LinLab 3 is not compatible with Windows 7.

Download LinLab 2

LinLab 2 Setup

To run Scientifica control racks with LinLab 2, drivers for the USB to serial devices must be installed on the computer running LinLab 2. The latest versions of the drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, you can run the setup file below:

Driver Setup

If your system is older than 2010, please refrain from installing this version or updating Motion Cards. For assistance, please reach out to our service and support team - [email protected]


"The 'Follow function' allowed us to place one recording electrode and then make the other recording electrode follow the objective to another region of interest so that

Dr Sarah Threfall
University of Oxford






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