Scientifica LinLab 2 Electrophysiology Software





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Scientifica LinLab 2

LinLab is a versatile control software designed to give you advanced control over your motorised Scientifica device.

Increase productivity with the LinLab "Follow Function" - Video demonstration

The video demonstration below demonstrates how easily a LinLab user can enable the Follow Function, synchronising all of the Scientifica motorised products together, and allowing the user to store an unlimited number of memory points.


Efficient Patching

Benefit from the unique "Follow" function, linking motorised products together. See the video on the next tab for a demonstration.


Visualise positional information, providing coordinates and measurements.

Memory Positions

Set and label an unlimited number of memory positions, then return to them at a click of a mouse, making it easy to return to areas of interest.


Speed and acceleration settings can be set to suit your application and sample.


Configure your control device to suit your preferences. – Do you prefer clockwise to move the device up or down? This can be easily set in LinLab.

It offers the ability to link motorised products together using the "Follow" function, making patching easier. It also allows you to set and label an unlimited number of memory points of interest, customise speed settings and visualise positional information among other features.


"The 'Follow function' allowed us to place one recording electrode and then make the other recording electrode follow the objective to another region of interest so that
Dr Sarah Threfall, University of Oxford


Red dashes show you how far along the travel you are. This means you can arrange the setup so you can reach all areas of your sample.


The "Go To" function enables you to type in the coordinates that you wish to move to and press "MOVE" the unit will then move to that desired point (within its travel range).

Multiple Devices

Control up to 12 individual Scientifica devices from one piece of software; PatchStar, MicroStar, SliceScope, heater, perfusion system and motorised stages making it easy to integrate your complete electrophysiology and imaging system.

More information

Clearly see time/temperature information of your bath and heater with the new easy-to-read graph.


LinLab 2 supports systems with 1U control racks and USB communication with the control computer. LinLab 1.6.78 is the final release for systems with 4U control racks and/or RS232 communication with the control computer

You can download LinLab 2 from the Software section of the product knowledge base.

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