Scientifica LBM-7 Manual Manipulator

Scientifica LBM-7 Manual Manipulator

A precise manual micromanipulator with seven axes of movement. The high resolution of 1 µm makes this manipulator an extremely useful positioning tool.


Stable design

Reliable positioning of your electrode for long experiments due to mechanical locks

Easy to use

Four linear and three rotational axes make it easy to position your probe whilst the manipulator can easily be switched between left and right-handed configurations


Suitable for a wide range of applications including positioning stimulating electrodes, aligning fibre optics and impaling oocytes

Fast pipette exchange

Using the sliding bracket and rotational stages as well as mechanical memory positions speeds up pipette changes

Simple to mount

Standard mounting holes allow the LBM-7 to be easily attached to many mounting platforms including the Scientifica Post & Platform


Download the LBM-7 brochure for more information.

Design & Specifications

Number of Axes
Number of Axes
4 linear, 3 rotational
Travel Distance
Travel Distance
25 mm in X and Z axes, 12.7 mm in Y axis
Thread pitch on adjusters
Thread pitch on adjusters
0.8 mm in X and Z axes, 0.5 mm in Y axis (per revolution)
Aluminium with preloaded linear ball bearing races
1 kg


“We have found that LBM-7s are small and sturdy micromanipulators with great accuracy and ergonomic handling for fast pipette replacement.”
Dr Anders Skov Kristensen, University of Copenhagen

LBM-7 SchematicLBM-7 SchematicLBM-7 Schematic

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Extension Bracket (LBM-2005-00)

This bracket provides the freedom to position the probe in difficult places whilst maintaining absolute stability.

LBM-7 Extension bracket

Sliding Bracket (LBM-2010-00)

Safely slide your pipette or electrode in and out of the experimental area with 75 mm of travel to make pipette exchange even easier.

LBM-7 Sliding Bracket

Extra Smooth Adjusters (LBM-2025-00)

This manipulator is supremely adjustable in all seven axes, but for scientists who want even more sensitivity, larger diameter adjuster knobs perfectly complement the standard device.

LBM-7 extra smooth adjusters

LBM-7 Fixed Mounting Bracket (IVM-505-00)

Allows the user to mount the IVM on the LBM-7 either to the approach axis stage or to a sliding carriage attached to the approach axis stage. If mounted on the approach axis stage it can only mount in the same axis as the stage. If mounted on the sliding bracket it can be mounted at 90º or in the same axis as the approach axis.

LBM-7 mounting bracket

LBM-7 Adjustable Mounting Bracket (IVM-510-00)

This allows the approach axis of the LBM-7 to be removed and the IVM be mounted in its place. It can then be rotated and locked in position at the correct angle.

LBM-7 Adjustable mounting bracket

Riser Block for the LBM 7

A 70 mm block to raise the height of the manipulator.

LBM-7 Riser block

Post and Platform for MMBP (PP-3400-00)

Used to mount the MicroStar onto the Scientifica MMBP

Electrode Holding Bar (EHB-500)

Electrode/probe holding bar with v groove.

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