TMC 730 SERIES Vacuum Compatible CleanTop

TMC 730 SERIES Vacuum Compatible CleanTop

Several new proprietary design features, cleaning methods, and a vacuum pump-down procedure achieve a level of vacuum compatibility previously unattainable.


Spill-proof hole technology

Nylon cups prevent spillages from entering and corroding the breadboard, making it last longer

Available in various sizes

Customisable sizes

Vacuum compatibility core geometry

Due to two vent fittings on the table end-wall that alter equalisation of pressure

Corrosion resistant

Stainless steel prevents corrosion

Though this new design does not require baking (and is incompatible with baking), engineers at University of Texas' Petawatt Laser have achieved 8 x 10-7 torr in a 7-foot diameter, 380 cubic foot chamber containing a 14-foot long CleanTop Optical Top.

Closely correlated with their vacuum compatibility is the fact that these tops only out-gas extremely small amounts ensuring they do not damage optics. The top for the Petawatt Laser application was demonstrated to cause less than a 0.1% loss in optical transmission of a test optic.

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