Scientifica Patch Pro 6000 Electrophysiology Rig

Scientifica Patch Pro 6000

An electrophysiology system suitable for in vitro and in vivo studies and advanced imaging such as two-photon and confocal. This package includes a motorised movable base plate, two PatchStar micromanipulators and a Post & Platform sample holder. Use with your current fixed upright microscope for a wide variety of applications.


Super-smooth micromanipulators

The PatchStar or MicroStar manipulators have 20 nm resolution for absolute positioning control and less than 1 µm drift in two hours for long-term experiments.

Designed for advanced imaging

Carry out in vivo and in vitro electrophysiology experiments alongside two-photon and confocal imaging thanks to the fixed microscope position.

Motorised movable base plate

50 mm of super-smooth movement in the X and Y axes with plenty of space for additional manipulators and simple conversion between in vivo and in vitro studies.

Simultaneous movement

Move your manipulators and sample plate simultaneously with the movable base plate.

Long-term experiments

The ultra-stable platform enables long electrophysiology and imaging recordings.

Control options

Control the motorised movable top plate, micromanipulators and focus (if compatible) from any of our remote control options.

Alternatively use Scientifica’s LinLab software, developed specifically to control all of our motorised components


Download the Patch Pro brochure for more information.


Glycolytic Inhibition by 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Abolishes both Neuronal and Network Bursts in an In Vitro Seizure Model

Journal of Neurophysiology



PatchPro Pro 1000 - in vivo Applications

If you are interested in the PatchPro 1000 for in vivo applications, you can upgrade or order this with an in vivo plate in place of the sample plate holder. The in vivo plate has threaded holes spaced across the surface of the plate, which will enable the user to attach various tools, such as ear bars or head restraints. This allows for further options when using the PatchPro rig, if you are interested please contact us or look at the Post and Platform Sample Plate Holders page.

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