Scientifica Patch Pro 4000 Electrophysiology Rig

Scientifica Patch Pro 4000

Designed for delicate electrophysiology experiments from several widely spaced areas of interest across a sample. This system includes two PatchStar micromanipulators, a static top plate and a motorised XY translation stage to move your inverted microscope around your sample. The extremely stable platform design aids delicate electrophysiology experiments.


Super-smooth micromanipulators

The PatchStar or MicroStar manipulators have 20 nm resolution for absolute positioning control and less than 1 µm drift in two hours for long-term experiments.

Ultra-stable fixed platform

The Inverted Fixed Platform is compatible with a wide range of inverted microscopes thanks to adjustable legs and a cleverly designed top plate.

Universal motorised stage

50 mm of super-smooth movement in the X and Y axes with an optional Z focus module. Compatible with a wide range of microscopes.

Built-in memory positions

Move your microscope back to your exact area of interest with the controller or software’s memory functions.

Control options

Control the micromanipulators, translation stage and focus (if compatible) from any of our remote control options.

Alternatively use Scientifica’s LinLab software, developed specifically to control all of our motorised components and heating and perfusion elements.


Download the Patch Pro brochure for more information.

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