Inverted Movable Top Plate (IMTP) for electrophysiology

Scientifica Inverted Movable Top Plate (IMTP)

Designed for combining electrophysiology and imaging experiments with an inverted microscope.

Move your sample whilst maintaining long-term patch clamp experiments.


Compatible with most inverted microscopes

The IMTP can be used with a large number of microscopes from the major manufacturers, such as Nikon, Olympus, Leica and Zeiss.

Simple mounting

Easily mount manipulators like the PatchStar to the top plate with sliding carriages for exact positioning.

Super-smooth movement

Micrometer controls and crossed roller bearings ensure smooth motion enabling you to search areas of interest even when a cell is patched.

Ultra-stable design

Once in the desired position the stable design allows for long-term electrophysiology and imaging recordings.


Download the Inverted Movable Top Plate (IMTP) brochure for more information.

Design & Specifications

Number of axes
Number of axes
Travel distance
Travel distance
25 mm (in X and Y axes)
Chamber adapters accepted
Chamber adapters accepted
108 mm & 110 mm


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