Olympus BX51 WI upright microscope

Olympus BX51 WI

The BX51 WI is an excellent microscope for electrophysiology and intravital experiments.

A fixed stage and vibration-free frame design ensure superb stability for long-term experiments.

Olympus BX51 WI

Minimal noise operation

All components are designed to keep vibration and noise to a minimum. The front operation system prevents interference in patch clamping work.

Long-distance objectives

Specially designed objectives with long working distances give plenty of room for microelectrodes.


Multiple upgrade options allow this microscope to be modified from simple bright-field to more advanced microscopic techniques, as required by your experiments.

Multiple contrast techniques

Compatible with many contrast options including brightfield, IR-DIC, oblique illumination or fluorescence.

Simultaneous fluorescence and IR-DIC

Two camera ports and a 690 nm dichroic mirror allow simultaneous imaging with no additional vibration.

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