ALA Scientific Instruments OctaFlow II Perfusion System
ALA Scientific Instruments OctaFlow II Perfusion System
ALA Scientific Instruments OctaFlow II Perfusion System

ALA Scientific Instruments OctaFlow II Perfusion System

The OctaFlow II from ALA is the most advanced drug application device for electrophysiology and imaging research

This fast perfusion system is designed to meet the needs of basic science and drug discovery researchers. Software control of all perfusion parameters makes the OctaFlow II ™ superior to all other perfusion systems.



Choice of valves

Choice of low-maintenance pinch valves or fast-response isolation valves.

Valve control solution flow

Valve-control of solution flow instead of motorised manipulation of barrelled pipettes, minimising sample losses following solution exchange.

On-the-fly exchange

Keyboard solution selection, for exchange “on-the-fly”.

Trigger in/out

Trigger in /out for synchronisation with data acquisition systems.

Easily cleaned

The Octaflow has a Rapid flush mode for easy cleaning.

Programmable control

Programmable pressurisation of fluids for optimal solution flow and programmable analogue outputs for valve identification, step number, or pressure information to data acquisition.

Further information

Each OctaFlow II ™ system allows for a choice of 8, 16, 24 or 32 reservoirs, which can be configured in different modes, depending on the experiment(s). Constant perfusion can be achieved through the combination of compound application and wash solution for minimization of solution convergence in manifold. Periodic application of compounds can be achieved through specific focal application. U-tube and J-tube configurations are also possible with the Octaflow II™.

The OctaFlow II ™ software runs on Windows 7 (64-bit) or Windows 10 and communicates with the PC via USB 2.0. Sequence steps are loaded at USB 2.0 speeds for fast editing and executing of sequence files. The graphical interface is designed to control all perfusion parameters from a single window. It also allows you to create configuration files and sequence files and to save them for future use. The Cleaning Manager function in the software allows for fast cleaning of reservoirs, valves and tubing.

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