Vidrio Technologies ScanImage Multiphoton Software

Vidrio Technologies ScanImage

Developed by researchers at the HHMI Janelia Farm research campus specifically for neuroscience applications. It provides scriptable access and a smooth workflow to enable complex real-time experiments.

Scientifica’s multiphoton hardware is fully integrated into the ScanImage software packages.

Vidrio Technologies ScanImage
Packages for resonant and galvo systems

Get ScanImage for all your resonant and galvo software requirements.

Free, open source software written in MatLab

Download the software for free and develop the functionalities necessary for your experiments.

External triggering and syncing

Input and output signals synchronise your software with additional hardware.

Volume Imaging

Live multi-plane visualisation and power adjustment with depth changes.

Cost-effective electronics

Support for great value, off-the-shelf data acquisition hardware

Key Features

  • 3D Motion Correction
  • Oscilloscope mode
  • Camera support
  • Three-photon imaging
  • Photon Counting
  • Offline Data viewer

More information

For more information on MatLab please visit the MathWorks website.

ScanImage 2018b is now available for download. To find out more information, or download the software, visit the ScanImage website.

  • Arbitrary line scanning
  • Holographic photostimulation
  • Wavefront generation with Zernike modes
  • Bessel-mode scanning
  • Stack acquisitions
  • Online activity tracking
  • Open source software
  • Matlab API for scriptability
  • Resonant scanning
  • Galvo Scanning
  • Mesoscope (2P-RAM support)
  • Multiple region of interest scanning

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