Spectra-Physics InSight X3
Spectra-Physics InSight X3
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Spectra-Physics InSight X3

Spectra-Physics InSight X3

Spectra-Physics’ new InSight® X3™ is the third generation of Spectra-Physics’ industry leading InSight platform, specifically designed for advanced multiphoton microscopy applications

This ultrafast tuneable laser is based on patented technology featuring a broad 680 nm to 1300 nm continuous, gap free, tuning curve from a single beam with nearly double the tuning range of legacy Ti:Sapphire lasers. The InSight is designed with the peak of the tuning curve centred in the 900 to 1100 nm region to excite the most common green and red fluorophores including GFP, RFP, GCaMP, jRGECO, and mCherry.



Broadest tuning range: 680 nm to 1300 nm for deepest imaging

Based on patented technology, InSight X3 features a broad 680 nm to 1300 nm continuous, gap free tuning from a single source, nearly double the tuning range of legacy Ti:Sapphire ultrafast lasers.

Dual output at 1045 nm with optional pre-compensation for two-colour imaging

When equipped with the fixed 1045 nm dual beam option, InSight X3 fully supports the diverse needs of multimodal imaging. The two synchronised output beams enable easy simultaneous imaging of various fluorescence proteins (for example GFP and mCherry) and genetically encoded calcium indicators (GCaMP6 and jRGECO1a), SHG/THG imaging, and advanced imaging techniques such as CARS and SRS.

Short pulse width and highest peak power for maximum fluorescence

The InSight X3 delivers high average and peak power levels across the tuning range, including critical near infrared wavelengths above 900 nm for deepest penetration in-vivo.


  • Multiphoton microscopy
  • Multimodal imaging including CARS, SRS, SHG, THG
  • Optogenetics
  • Time-resolved photoluminescence
  • Non-linear spectroscopy
  • Optical computed tomography
  • Surface second harmonic generation
  • Terahertz imaging
  • Semiconductor metrology

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