Scientifica Tiltable Objective Mount (TOM)





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Scientifica Tiltable Objective Mount (TOM)

Two axes of complete rotation allow for imaging from any angle.

Perfect for in vivo two-photon imaging, the TOM enables visualisation of areas and structures not accessible with vertically mounted objectives.


Two axes of rotation

Tilt and twist the objective in both the lateral to medial and rostral to caudal planes to visualise hard to reach areas.

Z-stack and volume scanning

Carry out simple z-stacks and fast volume scanning (with the addition of a piezo drive).

Wide range of objectives

The TOM is compatible with a variety of objectives depending on your research requirements.

Maximised stability

Move the objective without moving the microscopes to maintain the integral stability of the microscope and perfect laser alignment.

Modular assembly

Add the TOM to your microscope at any time to increase your experimental capabilities.