Stanford Intensive Neuroscience (SIN) Boot Camp

Scientifica are proud to be supporting the Stanford Intensive Neuroscience (SIN) boot camp

All incoming students to the Stanford Neuroscience PhD Program are required to take the Stanford Intensive Neuroscience (SIN) bootcamp course. A two-week intensive program that introduces students to single cell physiology and molecular biological techniques. The bootcamp has been a favourite of students for the past 12 years and remains a cornerstone of the program.

Scientifica are delighted to be supporting the boot camp with the SliceScope Pro 6000.

Course Details

Dates: 5th-23rd September 2022

Website: Stanford Medical - SIN Bootcamp

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A member of our North American Team of experts will be present, so if you would like to book an appointment to discuss your unique research needs or have a product demonstration, please email [email protected].

Slicescope Pro 6000

The most versatile patch clamp electrophysiology system

The SliceScope Pro 6000 is an integrated electrophysiology system for patch clamp recording. The versatility of the system means that you can perform in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology, and even adapt the system for advanced imaging, such as multiphoton imaging and confocal microscopy.

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