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TMC Quiet Island

TMC’s Quiet Island is an innovative solution that replaces a section of the raised floor area with a “Quiet Island” anchored to the sub-floor below. 


Rigid foundation

Provides an extremely rigid foundation for any equipment that is susceptible to environmental vibrations

High level of structural dampening

Solutions to suit you

High level of structural dampening

The Platform

The Quiet Island consists of a special platform combined with a dedicated support structure, the nature of which depends upon the application. The platform is a TMC designed and manufactured 4 inch (100 mm) thick lamination of steel plates sandwiched around a lightweight, in-compressible, damped core material. The layering effect of rigid steel plates and core, epoxy bonded into a seamless, stainless steel pan provides an extremely high level of stiffness and structural damping. The large cross-section and steel content yield a very high level of overall rigidity. The top and sides are a continuous, one-piece, stainless steel shell to preserve cleanliness, appearance and integrity.

Platform Supports

Depending on the specific application requirements, the platform supports are either a rigid, non-resonant support stand or a STACIS® III Active Vibration Cancellation System. If the sub-floor meets the vibration criteria of the tool in question by a reasonable margin, simply supporting the tool with a support that does not amplify vibration is sufficient. To achieve this, TMC has designed a family of ultra-rigid support stands for a range of floor heights and sub-floor access hole requirements. Typically tripods, quad-stands or square cross-section stands, these attach directly to the sub-floor and platform.

If the sub-floor does not meet the tool vibration criteria, a “point-of-use” vibration isolation system must be employed. STACIS 2100 is the ideal choice. STACIS III is compatible with all tool internal vibration isolation systems. In addition, it provides the most vibration isolation across the widest frequency range commercially available. The “hard-mount” design is extremely stiff so that there is no stability concern for tall, top-heavy tools. 

Support and Stand Flexibility

The rigid stands and STACIS III supports are interchangeable and field upgradable. Together, they provide the complete solution for supporting sensitive tools in a fab raised-floor environment.

Learn more about the benefits of including floor vibration control for nano-tech facilities from TMC's Vice President Steve Ryan, who was interviewed by Azo Nano.

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