TMC Everstill™ K-400





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TMC Everstill™ K-400

The patented Everstill™ K-400 is TMC’s latest breakthrough in advanced floor vibration control. It is a benchtop active vibration cancellation platform which incorporates a “serial type” active architecture. This combined with velocity sensors for enhanced low frequency sensitivity attains a dramatic level of low frequency vibration attenuation.

Designed to isolate ultra-precision instruments from building vibration down to below 1 Hz, the Everstill K-400 is ideal for optical microscopes, SPMs, and metrology instruments.


The portable, compact design is ideally suited for easy installation on work benches and tables. The only input requirement is power from a standard AC outlet.

Superior low frequency performance

The Everstill starts to isolate at 0.7 Hz. It provides dramatic vibration cancellation, especially in the critical 1-10 Hz range.

Patented active vibration cancellation technology

Ideal for small, lightweight, ultra-precision instruments

Active hard-mount

It has a robust plug and play design.

Advanced Vibration sensor technology

With technology evolving from TMC’s STACIS® piezoelectric vibration cancellation, Everstill is an active hard-mount that cancels vibration starting at 0.7 Hz. Specifically designed for maximum low frequency performance, Everstill excels in the critical 1-10 Hz range where precision instruments tend to be the most sensitive. 

Gainmatch™ (patent pending) to optimize performance

A switch allows users to easily choose between 3 gain settings. This ensures maximum vibration cancellation with assurance of stability for different user environments.