Scientifica SciScan multiphoton acquisition software

Scientifica SciScan

Award-winning two-photon acquisition software designed and built by Scientifica in collaboration with researchers.

Control both galvo and resonant scanning systems for both in vivo and in vitro imaging applications.


Modular software

SciScan's purpose-built API allows users to integrate SciScan easily with their custom-written applications from LabVIEW and other programming languages.

Open source

Created in LabVIEW and utilising popular interface boards, the software can be provided "open source" to allow you to customise your own modules for your experiments.

Built by Scientifica

SciScan has been designed and built by the Scientifica research and development team. Discuss your specific requirements directly with your Scientifica representative.

User friendly interface

Designed with the user in mind and in collaboration with scientists in the field, the interface is clear and easy to use.

Incorporated peripheral equipment

Integrated controls for industry standard instruments including: Pockels Cells, piezo objective positioners, XY Stages and microscope focus drives.

Download SciScan

You can download the latest version of SciScan using the links below:

SciScan 1.4 LabVIEW 2018

SciScan 1.4 LabVIEW 2012

Design & Specifications

Frame rate
Frame rate
up to ~50fps with the galvo scan head (200x50 pixels)
up to ~248fps with the resonant scan head (1024x64 pixel)
TTL OUT channels (sample clock, pixel clock, line clock, frame clock) for accurate synchronization with external equipment
TTL IN for triggering a recording from external equipment
Up to 4 PMT channels
Laser intensity control
Laser intensity control
Integrated intensity control (using a Pockels cell or a motorised half-wave plate)
Volume Scanning
Volume Scanning
Fast volume scanning using a piezo objective positioner
Standard scan modes
Standard scan modes
Frame scan, Z-stacks, line scan
Other modes
Other modes
ROI Monitoring
Advanced modules
Advanced modules
Position Save Module for chronic in-vivo imaging enables users to save multiple recording locations and quickly find the same locations again days or weeks later
SciScript - intuitive user interface for creating pre-programmed sequences and loops of frame scans, recordings

Award-Winning Software

Our multiphoton laser scanning microscopy software has been judged as one of the ten best innovations in the 2016 Microscopy Today Innovation Awards.

Schuck, R., Go, M., Garasto, S., Reynolds, S., Dragotti, P. and Schultz, S. (2018). Multiphoton minimal inertia scanning for fast acquisition of neural activity signals. Journal of Neural Engineering, 15(2)

Steck, K., Walker, S., Itskov, P., Baltazar, C., Moreira, J. and Ribeiro, C. (2018). Internal amino acid state modulates yeast taste neurons to support protein homeostasis in Drosophila. eLife, 7


"SciScan is very user friendly; the interface is clean and the menus are easy to find. You can learn how to use it very quickly as the options and configurations are easy to set."
Dr. Feng Wang, Yves De Koninck Lab, CERVO Research Center

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