Scientifica IVM Mini Single Motorised Micromanipulators





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Scientifica IVM Mini Single

A single axis motorised manipulator developed for demanding in vivo applications, particularly where space is limited.

Compatible with a wide range of stereotaxic arms for microinjection, electrophysiology and viral injections among other applications.



A miniature version of the IVM Single for studies where space is limited and less travel is required.

Ultra-stable design

Less than 1 µm drift over 2 hours for long-term experiments.

Super-smooth movement

20 nm resolution for absolute positioning.

Unique “creeper” function

Minimise tissue damage when penetrating deep into your sample by enabling your probe to "creep" to a desired position at a speed of your choice using the LinLab software


Operate via our ergonomically designed remote control options or through our specially designed LinLab software.

Design & Specifications

Number of axes
Number of axes
Travel distance
Travel distance
20 mm
Electronic resolution
Electronic resolution
20 nm
Minimum step size
Minimum step size
0.1 µm
Minimum speed
Minimum speed
1 µm per second
Maximum speed
Maximum speed
4 mm per second
Memory positions
Memory positions
50 on control device (unlimited via LinLab)
LinLab for Windows


Dovetail Probe Holder (PH-1000)

Dovetail probe holder to fit various bars or probes.

Dovetail probe holder Dovetail probe holder

Electrode Holding Bar (EHB-500)

Electrode/probe holding bar with v groove, which also attaches to the LBM-7 manipulator, PatchStar, MicroStar and IVM.

IVM Mini Extended Right Angled Kopf Mount (IVM-650-00)

Allows the user to mount the IVM Mini in one of 4 mounting positions on the Kopf or Stoelting manipulator.

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