ALA Scientific Instruments Objective Heater

ALA Scientific Instruments Objective Heater

The objective heater is a thermofoil heater pad which is simply wrapped around the objective lens at the part of the shaft of the lens where the foil has the best surface contact with the metal of the lens.

The Objective heater has an inbuilt temperature sensor and 4 pin connector.

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ALA Scientific Instruments Objective Heater
Comes with an optional NPI cable which can be used with NPI temperature controllers

If you are using an oil/water immersion lens objective with a small chamber, it is recommended to use thermofoil to heat the objective to avoid the objective from drawing (i.e. heat sink) the temperature from the chamber.

The rubber surface of the foil should contact the metal of the objective as much as possible. Use the Velcro® fastener to secure the thermofoil in the wrapped position and try to keep the wrap as tight as possible. The wire should be run so as not to interfere with the rotation of the microscope nose piece.

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