npi electronic B-Series

npi electronic B-Series

The B-series is a low-cost extracellular recording system with the ability to combine up to 8 channels.

npi electronic B-Series
Instruments interconnected via system bus (power and signal lines)

Headstage switchable between recording and stimulation

Available with miniature headstages for freely moving animals

Master/Slave configuration

One EXT-02 B in master configuration can power up to 3 more EXT-02 B in slave configuration, 1 AUD-08 B and 1 REL-08 B.

Multiple channel recording system

The signals of up to 4 EXT-02 B (8 channels) are fed into the system bus. AUD-08 B audio monitor accesses all 8 EXT channels via system bus. REL-08 B measures all 8 elect


EXT-02 B – Extracellular Amplifier

Two recording channels with stimulus control, differential INPUT(S). One power supply for up to four EXT-02 B amplifiers, one REL-08 B and one AUD-08 B system. Two different OUTPUTS: DC with GAIN x10 and OFFSET control, range ± 500 mV and AC with GAIN x10 to x10k, HIGHPASS and LOWPASS filtered.

TMR-01B – Digital Timing Unit

Features include: PULSE or BURST and 2 timing modes: fixed cycle length and adjust PULSE + PAUSE.

AUD-08B – Audio Monitor

Features include: PITCH mode: the input signal is converted into a tone.

NOISE mode: the input signal is high pass filtered to monitor the noise. THRESHOLD function sets the level for NOISE mode: three ranges (0.5, 1, 2 V), adjustable from 0% to 100%.

REL-08B – Electrode Resistance Meter

Digital display of electrode resistance in MΩ. BNC OUTPUT connector (1 V/ MΩ). Remote control with TTL IN signal. Shares power supply with EXT-02 B, system bus connection to up to four EXT-02 B amplifiers.

ISO-01B – Stimulus Isolator

2 pulse modes: direct input: TTL duration = pulse duration (with bipolar option) and trigger input: pulse duration set by internal timer (10 μs ... 10 ms). Amplitude set by ten-turn potentiometer.

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