Nikon Eclipse Ti inverted microscope

Nikon Eclipse Ti

A powerful inverted microscope for simple cell imaging studies or advanced techniques such as TIRF, confocal, FRET, photoactivation and microinjection.

Available in three main models with multiple upgrades depending on your needs.


Sophisticated Slant Design

By inclining the front part of the microscope's body, the distance between the operator's eyes and the specimen is reduced, improving visibility and ergonomics.

VFD Screen and Operation Buttons

Confirm the microscopes status including the attached objective information and on/off condition of the perfect focus system (PFS) with a glance.

Comprehensive imaging software

The NIS-Elements software provides integrated control of the microscope, cameras, components and peripherals.

Remote control touch panel and preset buttons.

Operate the microscope, confirm its status and memorise observation conditions using the remote control touch panel.

Newly Developed Joystick and Ergonomic Controllers

High-speed motorized XY stage and Z-axis can be controlled using the joystick or ergonomic controller units. The joystick also has programmable speed adjustment.

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