Scientifica Multiphoton Galvo System
Scientifica Multiphoton Galvo System
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Scientifica Multiphoton Galvo Imaging System
Scientifica Multiphoton Galvo Imaging System
Scientifica Multiphoton Galvo Imaging System
Scientifica Multiphoton Galvo Imaging System

Scientifica Multiphoton Galvo System

For in vivo and in vitro imaging with the greatest flexibility, look no further than the award-winning Multiphoton Galvo System.

Available in a variety of configurations, this multiphoton imaging system enables you to perform deep two-photon and three-photon fluorescence imaging, and fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM). You can easily adjust scanning speeds and patterns to suit your individual application, making this flexible system ideal for a variety of imaging experiments.



Flexible scanning arrangements

Adjustable to suit your needs. Increase the yield and accuracy of your results when studying small cellular structures, such as a spine or bouton on a dendrite or axon, with region of interest scanning and line scanning.

Deep imaging

Obtain outstanding images of the finest structures deep within your sample. Easily produce stunning three-dimensional reconstructions, thanks to multiphoton optical sectioning.

Fast frame rates

Capture fast biological processes; the galvanometer scan mirrors facilitate frame rates of up to 2 or 4 frames per second with unidirectional or bi-directional scanning respectively.

Pioneering slim design

The compact and flexible design of the Multiphoton Galvo System, with either the slimline SliceScope or VivoScope frame, means you can easily integrate imaging with other techniques, such as electrophysiology.

Easily convert between in vivo and in vitro

Perform all of your experiments on one rig; the SliceScope’s unique removable sub-stage means you can easily convert between different configurations.

Highly accurate imaging of small structures

Achieve highly accurate imaging of small structures with no loss of signal at the edge of the image with the uniform ‘spot size’, achieved by the relay lens system within the Scientifica galvo scan head.

Upgradeable to FLIM

Compatible with the Scientifica FLIM Upgrade Kit for simultaneous fluorescence intensity and fluorescence lifetime imaging, in up to two colour channels.

Perform three-photon imaging

The large back aperture objective scan heads are coated for wavelengths of 1300 nm and beyond, giving you more experimental flexibility and three-photon capability.

Configurable to suit your needs

The Scientifica Multiphoton Galvo System is available for large or small back aperture objectives, the SliceScope or VivoScope frame and a range of detection modules including Chromoflex, FLIM, MDU and MDU XL.

Layer V pyramidal cells in the visual cortex, 2 month old Thyl-eGFP mouse (Jax 7788) using LUMPFLN40x courtesy of: Kate Smith - Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University Javi Munoz-Cuevas - Gallo Research Center, UCSF


The versatile Multiphoton Galvo System enables you to perform the following experiments, both in vivo and in vitro:

Example data

Take a look at the outstanding data that can be captured using Scientifica's Multiphoton Galvo System.

In vivo microglial cells, tagged with GFP, in the cortex of 3 month old mouse. Courtesy of the Long-Jun Wu lab at Rutgers University.

Fluorescent reporter expressed in cerebellar Purkinje cells following a zebrin-like pattern (Credit: Kevin Dorgans/Isope Lab - Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences)

Photo credit: Dr Jason Jacoby, Schwartz Lab, Northwestern University

Two-photon images taken in 300µm thick striatum slices in 90 days old mice. Red cells are expressing tdTomato under the control of the D1 receptor promoter. Photo credit: Dr Olivier Manzoni, INMED



您专属的 Scientifica 专家可以通过实验室咨询来免费帮助您优化您的实验室。









Scientifica 提供产品演示,让您提出问题,学习并了解多光子显微镜系统及其应用,并亲自体验.



我们一系列的模块化零件和配件使我们能够量身打造适合您研究的Patchstar。 随着您实验的发展,您也可以在您的实验室无缝量身定制您自己的Patchstar。



Scientifica 为所有 Scientifica 制成的商品提供两年保修,为第三方供应的商品提供一年保修。 让您在购买 Scientifica 设备时高枕无忧。



"We have been using two multiphoton imaging systems from Scientifica, and have been very pleased with their performance. The systems are robustly constructed and designed to be easily integrated with electrophysiology. We have also been very pleased with the after-sales support provided by Scientifica."

Professor Leon Lagnado
University of Sussex

"The simple design improved the detection efficiency by positioning the detectors very close to the microscope objective. Also, the system can scan the samples pretty rapidly, which helps the reduction of phototoxicity and photobleaching."

Dr Kim Dore
University of California

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