CoolLED pE-Fiber Illumination

CoolLED pE-Fiber Illumination

CoolLED's pE-100/F series LED illumination is designed for fiber delivery of specific wavelengths of light.

CoolLED pE-Fiber Illumination

Instant On/Off

TTL trigger in microseconds

Intensity controls in 1% steps

No health and safety disposal issue

Stable and repeatable

Dual Wavelength Applications : where two wavelengths are required, two pE-100/F units are used with the LED light combined into a single fiber output. An appropriate dichroic mirror will be provided too.

The user can select from any of CoolLED's 20 LED wavelengths and specify at time of order. The LED system has been designed for efficient coupling into a wide range of multimode fibers. Provision has been made for the user to accommodate optical filtering (e.g. excitation) in the optical path before light enters the fiber, should this be desired. Operation is from a separate control pod.

Fiber options

Fibers listed below will be supplied 2m long and use SMA-SMA connection or SMA-Cleaved.

50um Fiber SMA-SMA connection pE-F50-022-200-SMA
105um Fiber SMA-SMA connection pE-F105-022-200-SMA
200um Fiber SMA-SMA connection pE-F200-039-200-SMA

50um Fiber SMA-Cleaved, 60mm bare pE-F50-022-200-C60
105um Fiber SMA-Cleaved, 60mm bare pE-F105-022-200-C60
200um Fiber SMA-Cleaved, 60mm bare pE-F200-039-200-C60

CoolLED can provide alternative fibers and terminations upon request.

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