CoolLED LED 2 Dual Wavelength LED System

CoolLED LED 2 Dual Wavelength LED System

Perfect for dual staining applications or where fast switching between wavelengths is desirable.

CoolLED LED 2 Dual Wavelength LED System

The system is designed to fit on all current microscopes. A simple once-ever adjustment will allow optimisation to the optical path of your microscope

The LED2 is supplied as a complete working package with power supply, independent control pods per wavelength and the combiner

Manual operation offers instant on/off and 0-100% intensity control and the control pod accepts a BNC-type external TTL trigger

Long stable lifetime

No Mercury

With a wide range of LEDs available the system can be configured with many different options and the LEDs can be changed as your experimental needs develop.



The pE-Combiner offers the ability to use two pE-100s for dual staining applications. A number of pE-Combiners can be used to support multiple LED wavelengths on the microscope. The pE-combiner can be purchased as a package with defined pE-100 LED sources (as an LED2 system)or purchased separately as requirements change or increase.


The pE-Combiner EF is very similar to the standard PE combiner but contains additional slots to accept excitation filters. This will allow you to narrow the excitation wavelength of the LED if required in your experiment.

Light guides

The LED3 and LED 4 systems use liquid light-guides to deliver the LED light from the Main Unit to the collimator fitted on the microscope. Systems are available with either 1m or 3m light-guides. The longer light guides are recommended if there is limited space around the microscope or to keep heat, vibration or electro-magnetic radiation away from samples, for example when doing electrophysiology experiments.

Microscope adapters

These LED illumination products are intended for use on all microscopes. Scientifica product specialists identify the correct fitting for your make and model of microscope. Where possible, a fitting will be provided for any specified microscope.

Breakout box

The Breakout Box is a simple connection box which allows you to control the LED 3 or LED4 illumination systems using TTL signals. These signals are common to and from cameras, control boxes, PC interface cards and A to D boards. The time from an input signal going high to LED at full intensity is 300 microseconds.

The Breakout Box connects to the 15-way connector on the back of the pE-1 and pE-2. The signals are brought to BNC coaxial connectors which can be used with standard BNC to BNC cables.

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