ALA Scientific Instruments MS Stage and Holders

ALA Scientific Instruments MS Stage and Holders

Electrophysiology experiments often require positioning of electrodes and perfusion devices within the confined space of a microscope stage. Utilize the small space efficiently with the MS-stage and the different tool holders.

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ALA Scientific Instruments MS Stage and Holders


Locking ball and socket swivel joint with all tool holders

Powerful magnetic base anchors holders anywhere on plate

Durable powder-coated steel construction



The durable powder-coated steel magnetic mounting plate offers large positioning surface and multiple tapped holes to securely anchor ALA's tool holders or other laboratory-made devices. It easily mounts on standard upright or inverted microscope stages including Scientifica stages.


A perfusion port holder with flexible Teflon tubing and fine height adjustment. Teflon tubing can be bent for maximal tubing flexibility.


This universal tool holder accommodates any item that can be mounted on a 2.25mm i.d. SS rod. 


A perfusion port holder that uses a stainless steel cannula with luer lock fitting. Includes grounding lug for maximal noise reduction.


Tilt-a-port™ magnetic perfusion with thumbscrew Z adjustable inlet/outlet port with grounding lug.


A magnetic holder for the LeveLock™ sensor which enables control of the fluid level and elimination of turbulence.


65x25mm extension plate for the MS-Stage for holding long tools.


Magnetic hold down clamps for MS chambers.


An agar bridge holder securely positions agar bridge (2.0mm O.D. glass tubing) to movable chamber containing 8mm Ag/AgCI pellet disk.


Low profile perfusion I/O holder w/SS cannula and grounding lug.


Low profile alligator clip with swivel and extension arm.

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