ALA Scientific Instruments LeveLock LL2





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ALA Scientific Instruments LeveLock LL2

The LevelLock LL-2 fluid level controller is a unique instrument for fluid level control.

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ALA Scientific Instruments LeveLock LL2
The LL-2 can handle flow rates up to 8ml/min.

We took special care to minimize electrical noise (low noise operation for patch clamp applications) and surface vibrations (to eliminate mechanical artefacts).

The Level Lock™ uses a contact optical sensor to sense the surface of the fluid in the chamber.

The sensor is a fibre optic cable with a section of the insulator carefully removed. The fibre is bent 180o at the point at which the fibre is bare. This bend theoretical

This analogue signal is translated into valve activity in relation to the surface position.

When the fluid surface just touches the sensor, or is below the sensor, the valve is inactive. As soon the fluid height crosses a threshold on the sensor, the valve begin

It offers the ability to control the fluid level in a very small chamber (as low as 1ml) with minimal surface disturbance and sub-millimetre accuracy down to 100 mm.