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Here at Scientifica, we aim to be as involved in the neuroscience community as possible. This has led to us supporting a number of events and workshops. As a result of this, we have a variety of ex demo stock that is available to purchase at a reduced price.

Although not exclusively new, many items remain in good or near-perfect condition. If you are interested in obtaining an item(s), please complete the contact form at the bottom of the page, and a member of the team will get in contact with you.

Epifluorescence Components

100um Fibre for Use with Fibre Guided pE-100 systems 2
470nm & 525nm pE-100 single wavelength LED systems with combiner. Direct fit, Olympus 50E adaptor 1
535nm pE-100 single wavelength LED system direct fit Olympus 50E Adaptor 1
585nm pE-100 single wavelength LED system direct fit Olympus 50E adaptor 1
650nm Longpass Dichroic. For U-MF2 filter cube (cube not included) 1
Aluminium mirror 21004 in U-MF2 filter cube 1
DAPI Filter Set in U-MF2 Filter Cube (AT350/50x T400lp ET460/50m) 1
Dual-band emission filter 25mm diameter zet405/473-488/NIR-m 6
ET - FITC/Alexa Fluor 488/Fluo3/Oregon Green filter set in U-MF2 Filter Cube 1
Shortpass dichroic mirror with extended reflection. T700DCSPXR-1500-UF3 26x38x3mm 1
X CITE 120 with Iris 3m LLG (Used Bulb) 1

Multiphoton Components

Dual Channel FLIM Collection Unit for HyperScope with Connection Package 1
HyperScope Launch Optics for use with Pockels Cell. 680-1100nm 1
NI PXIe-1073 Integrated MXIe,5 Periph Slot 1
NI PXIe-6363, X series multifunction DAQ 1
Pockel's Cell (680-1100nm) 240v 1
Pockels Cell (680-1300nm) 110v 1
Pockel's Cell (680-1300nm) 240v 1
Red Sensitive Bi-Alkali PMT. Suitable for use on MP-1000 systems. Includes inbuilt 1mhz pre-amps 1
SH68-68-EPM Shielded Cable 1
SHC68-68-EPM Shielded Cable, 86D-Type to 68 VHDCI Offset,2m 1

Microscope Components

Item Available
DPMX-AN Analyzer 1
IX2-DIC60 DIC Prism for IX 1
Nikon C-W 15X Eyepiece (F.O.V. 16mm) 2
Nikon D-FL Fluorescence Turret 1
Nikon FN1 Microscope Body 1
Red Gooseneck LED UK Plug 240v 1
SZX2-FOF Focus Unit 1
U-ANT Analyser for use with U-KPA Holder 2
U-KPA Holder for U-ANT Analyser 1
U-OCMC10 Eyepiece micrometres 10mm/100 units on X Y 1
U-TV1X 1


Nikon CFI Plan Achromat 10X1
Olympus LUCPLFLN40X/0.62
Olympus PLAPON60XO1

Olympus UPLFLN20X 0.52
Olympus UPLFLN4XPH 0.131
Olympus UPLSAPO60XO1

Cameras & Monitors

17 inch BNC Monitor 1
19 inch BNC Monitor 1
ACE CMOS Camera 1
Card for ORCA FLASH 2.8 1
Imaging Source Firewire Monochrome Camera 8
WATEC-910HX CCIR Camera 1

Electrophysiology Components

Item Available
ALA 502SW Cover slip clamp chamber - 3/4 19mm view 24/25mm cover glass 2
ALA TUBGING-2 1/16 ID x 1/8 OD tygon tubing 10in 1
ALA VC3-4SP 4 Channel Valve Controlled Perfusion System 2
Approach Axis Bracket Set for PatchStar 2
Extended Top Plate for MMTP to mount up to 12 MicroStars 1
Flip Up Vertical Pipette Exchange Bracket for PatchStar 2
IVM -LMB7 Adjustable Mount 1
IVM-1000 Bar Clamp 1
IVM-1000 Extended Probe Holder 1
IVM-1000 Extended Rotating Probe Holder 1
IVM-1000 Right Angled Kopf Mount 1
L-Shaped Bracket for LBM-7 1
Magnetic mounting block for LBM-7 or PatchStar. Height 65mm 1
Magnetic Post & Platform to mount PatchStar Manipulator 1
Steep Bracket for PatchStar 2
Universal Rod Holder for PatchStar 1

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above items, please complete the form below and a member of the team will get in contact.

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我们非常注重您的隐私权,个人信息只会用于提供您询问的产品和相关的技术服务。 如果您同意我们保留上述表格中个人信息,请勾选同意选项。您可随时取消同意,更多信息请访问我们的用户隐私协议。  *