Dutch Neuroscience Meeting (DNM23)

The Dutch Neuroscience meeting (DNM23) promises to be a wonderful opportunity to meet and share research with scientists and clinicians among various research disciplines in the field of neuroscience including neuroendocrinology, psychology, neurology and psychiatry.


Date: 22nd-23rd June 2023

Location: Van der Valk Hotel, Tiel, The Netherlands

Website: Dutch Neuroscience Meeting

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Jeroen Kole, a Scientifica Senior Product Specialist, will be a delegate at the event and would be happy to to discuss your research goals. To book a meeting with Jeroen contact us at [email protected].

Jeroen Kole
Jeroen Kole (he/him), Senior Product Specialist

About Jeroen Kole (Senior Product Specialist)

Jeroen looks after all accounts in Germany, the Netherlands and Cambridge (UK). He has extensive experience in microscopy. He has worked as a Microscope Facility Technician at the VU Medical Center (Amsterdam), and later joined the company Confocal.nl (Amsterdam). Besides taking good care of his customers, Jeroen likes the outdoors and hiking.

Banner credit: DNM 23

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