Drosophila Neurobiology: Genes, Circuits & Behavior

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Drosophila Neurobiology: Genes, Circuits & Behaviour is one of the many courses organised by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a leading international center for research and education. As part of its mission, each year CSHL organizes numerous scientific conferences, meetings and advanced technical science courses, with organisers, instructors and participants from all over the world.

Scientifica supports the students' academic journey through the provision of three full electrophysiology systems: the SliceScope Pro 1000; and two PatchStar Micromanipulators.


Dates: 1st - 21st July 2022

Website: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Location: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, USA

About this course

This laboratory/lecture course is intended for researchers at all levels, from beginning graduate students, to established primary investigators who want to use Drosophila as an experimental system for nervous system investigation. This three-week course is designed to introduce students to a wide variety of topics and techniques, including the latest approaches for studying nervous system development, activity and connectivity, as well as complex behaviours and disease models.

The course includes:

  • Daily research seminars presenting comprehensive overviews of specific subfields of nervous system development
  • Expert guest lecturers discussing their findings and approaches
  • Hands-on inquiry-based projects

Collectively, the course will provide a comprehensive and practical introduction to modern experimental methods for studying the neural basis of behaviour in Drosophila.

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One of our Product Specialists, Stephanie Kelly, will be at this course. Stephanie supports research labs throughout the Southeastern US. Stephanie earned her Ph.D. in Integrative Biology from Florida Atlantic University in 2019 with expertise in a variety of techniques, including behaviour and neurophysiology. Stephanie is based in the metro Atlanta area and enjoys the arts and travelling.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to book an appointment.

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Stephanie Kelly Ph.D. (she/her) / Product Specialist
Stephanie Kelly Ph.D. (she/her) / Product Specialist

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