CAJAL Course - Brain Organoids

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Brain Organoids is one of the many courses in the CAJAL Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme, a highly recognised programme which aims to teach basic and fundamental neuroscience concepts, as well as state-of-the-art techniques, data analysis and computer skills, to the next generation of top-notch neuroscientists.


Dates: 10th - 28th October 2022

Website: Cajal Advanced Neuroscience Training

Location: Bordeaux School of Neuroscience, Bordeaux, France

About this course

Recent advancement in the stem cell field has led to the development of novel 3D cell culture models called organoids that mimic cell type diversity and architecture during organogenesis. Brain organoids, derived from human embryonic stem cells or induced pluripotent stem cells, capture key features of the developing human brain, including stem cell pool expansion, neurogenesis, gliogenesis, synaptogenesis and cytoarchitecture formation with cellular diversity and complexity. Organoids can also be derived from patient tumor samples, such as glioblastoma, for modelling brain tumors. In less than a decade, brain organoids have already been shown to be an extremely valuable tool to understand the human brain, and novel insights have been gained in deciphering evolution, human-specific features related to the brain development and neurological diseases resulted from pathogen infection, environmental insult, or genetic mutations.

In this course, a multi-disciplinary approach is taken to show what we could learn from brain organoid technology and what the future holds. The keynote speakers are all leaders in the field and will showcase the most up-to-date knowledge of brain organoids.

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